Kevin Lin

3rd year of EECS at UC Berkeley. I do research at Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research.

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I'm delighted by intelligent entities of all kinds. Recently, I've been investigating ways to make cars 'talk' to each other and make our roads safer. Representative papers are highlighted.

Beliefs and Level-k Reasoning in Traffic
E Vinitsky, A Filos, N Lichtle, Kevin Lin, N Liu, A Dragan, A Bayen, R McAllister, J Foerster,

Accepted to 4th NeurIPS Workshop on Emergent Communication

Occlusions present a major obstacle to guaranteeing safety in autonomous driving. Our key insight is that, sometimes, AV can get information about occluded regions by inferring over the actions of other agents on the road. We demonstrate that AVs can use this inferred data and level-K reasoning to avoid collisions with occluded pedestrians and drive in a pro-social manner.


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Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems

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